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Grammar Hubs

These hubs categorize similar types of grammar rules.

Chinese Measure Words

量词 (liàngcí) – Chinese measure words, also known as classifiers, are a distinctive and essential component of Mandarin Chinese. Unlike English, where measure words are

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Comparative Sentences

Comparative sentences in Chinese are a fundamental aspect of the language, used to compare and contrast people, objects, actions, or qualities. The core structure of

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“把” (bǎ) Sentence

把 (bǎ) sentences are a distinctive and essential structure in Chinese grammar. The use of 把 is particularly common in conversational Chinese. It’s often used

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“被” (Bèi) Sentence

The 被 (bèi) sentence is an essential grammatical structure in Chinese, primarily used to express passive voice. This structure allows speakers to emphasize the object

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In Chinese, verbs do not conjugate based on tense. Instead, the language relies on other elements in a sentence to indicate when an action takes

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Chinese prepositions, “介词 (jiècí)”, typically precede nouns or pronouns to indicate various relationships such as direction, location, time, and manner. They help in clarifying the

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Prefixes and Suffixes

Chinese prefixes and suffixes are attached to root words to alter their meaning or grammatical function. They play a vital role in word formation, helping

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All Grammar Points

You can find all grammar points organized by levels.