What country are you from?



大龙大龍Dàlóng你好你好nǐ hǎojiào大龙大龍Dàlóng请问請問qǐng wènshì留学生留學生liú xué shēngma

铃美鈴美Língměishìshì留学生留學生liú xué shēngjiào铃美鈴美Língměi



大龙大龍Dàlóng来自來自lái zì美国美國měi guó我的我的wǒ de中文中文zhōng wén名字名字míng zìjiào大龙大龍Dàlóngshì日本日本Rìběnrénma

苏南蘇南Sūnánò不是不是bù shì日本日本Rìběnrénshì泰国泰國Tàiguórénde名字名字míng zìjiào苏南蘇南Sūnán

吴小咪吳小咪Wú Xiǎomī大家大家dà jiāhǎojiào吴小咪吳小咪Wú Xiǎomī

大龙大龍Dàlóng你好你好nǐ hǎoshì日本日本Rìběnrén泰国泰國Tàiguórén还是還是hái shì韩国韓國Hánguórén

吴小咪吳小咪Wú Xiǎomī哈哈哈哈hā hā不是不是bù shì留学生留學生liú xué shēngshì中国中國Zhōngguórén

铃美鈴美Língměi你好你好nǐ hǎojiào铃美鈴美Língměi来自來自lái zì日本日本Rìběnshì大龙大龍Dàlóng美国美國měi guórén

苏南蘇南Sūnán你好你好nǐ hǎojiào苏南蘇南Sūnánshì泰国泰國Tàiguórénhěn高兴高興gāo xìng认识認識rèn shí

吴小咪吳小咪Wú Xiǎomī认识認識rèn shí你们你們nǐ menhěn高兴高興gāo xìng

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3 Responses

  1. There’s no way this is HSK 2. I’ve been studying for a week, and can read it perfectly (except for 认识, 高兴, 留学生, and 来自)

    1. Is not, this is a different interpretation of the very first lesson on your average book, maybe the country names are a little bit more advanced and the 来自 wich was also new to me.

      A different way to express the same I learnt back in the day is.


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