Rain Season


现在現在xiàn zài 中国中國Zhōngguó shì le yǔ jì 经常經常jīng cháng yǒu yǔ yǔ jì shì yī nián zhōng 下雨下雨xià yǔ hěn duō de 季节季節jì jié zài 中国中國zhōng guó 南方南方nán fāng de yǔ jì shì 4-9yuè 北方北方běi fāng shì 6-9yuè 大家大家dà jiā yào 注意注意zhù yì 

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4 Responses

  1. Like Lais I cannot get the audio to match what I hear. Inspired by the translation, I wonder, could it be : “现在中国进入了雨季,经常有雨雨。雨季是一年中下雨很集中的季节。” ?

    1. It’s me again. I just had a look at the page one can download. There it is written as I suggested, with an exception. I can hear one more 雨 than what is written.

      1. Well, I think the supplementary 雨 I could hear was just the third tone, audible at the end of the phrase before the comma, not as the other times one can sea and hear 雨, when it is always followed by other words and thus probably has a half third tone. As for the downloadable script, there is a 两个 just in the beginning of the lesson, before 現在. I can’t hear this 两个 at all.

  2. According to the audio, is the “是” ind this sentence “现在中国是了雨季” right? Also, is the “多” in this sentence “是一年中下雨很多的季节” right? I believe these words are not matching to the audio.

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