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xiǎng今天今天jīn tiān下午下午xià wǔkàn电影電影diàn yǐng但是但是dàn shì没有沒有méi yǒuhǎo电影電影diàn yǐngjiù电话電話diàn huàgěidehǎo朋友朋友péng yǒuxiǎng一起一起yī qǐ运动運動yùn dòng但是但是dàn shìshuō今天今天jīn tiān身体身體shēn tǐ舒服舒服shū fu我们我們wǒ menzhǐnéng商场商場shāng chǎngmǎi东西東西dōng xile我们我們wǒ men看见看見kàn jiàntiáo漂亮漂亮piào liàngde裙子裙子qún zi喜欢喜歡xǐ huān白色白色bái sè喜欢喜歡xǐ huān黑色黑色hēi sè但是但是dàn shì黑色黑色hēi sède裙子裙子qún zi有点儿有點兒yǒu diǎnrguì所以所以suǒ yǐmǎileliǎngtiáo白色白色bái sèdetiáogěi自己自己zì jǐtiáosònggěi

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25 Responses

  1. i m starting here today and thinking to become premium seems very good course.. i would like to know more friends who became premium if they are happy

    1. I purchased the premium membership because it’s cheap and I want to support this great site. The reading material and grammar exercises provided on this site are excellent.

  2. It took me a very long time to find an excellent learning website like this. I can learn multiple things at same time: reading, understanding and listening. Wow. This is it. This is where i will start mandarin.
    Love it. Thanks

    1. i would like to know if you became a premium member and if you are happy with your learning .. sorry my not good english

      1. Hola Silvia, por tu nombre creo que hablas español. Soy miembro premium y la diferencia es que puedes descargar las historias junto con sus traducciones, además de una lista de las palabras nuevas. La experiencia es la misma así que a seguir aprendiendo…


  3. I wanna ask, what is the difference between free and premium membership ?

    let’s say the case is for this page.

  4. Thank you. This is very easy to listen to and understand. I love that you have pinyin and english translation and define the words.

    xie xie ni!

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