New HSK 7/8/9 Word List

Unlike the old HSK, the New HSK has three more bands for ranking advanced learners. There are 11092 vocabulary words required in the new HSK 3.0 Level 7-9 (Band 7-9) – that’s 5636 new words on top of the level 6 requirement.

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  1. Thank you very much for your hardwork making these beautiful materials, definitely need these and may god bless u

  2. Hello, thanks for this one. i’m curious where is the info come from? is it any HSK test official website or so? because i’m trying to buy a HSK book for lvl 7-9

  3. some of the words looks familiar to me i don’t know if those also included in hsk6 level. can you please make a new pdf with a meaning for each words. really amazing that hsk is getting more comprehensive.

  4. Which words belong to each level (7-8-9)? It’s good to know in order to study according to each level difficulty.

    1. It has over 5000+ words and the table will become so long, so we didn’t create HTML table for this level.

      1. The previous html tables contain the English translation of the Chinese words. It will be very useful for HSK 7-9 even though it will be very long.

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