New HSK 7/8/9 Word List

Unlike the old HSK, the New HSK has three more bands for ranking advanced learners. There are 11092 vocabulary words required in the new HSK 3.0 Level 7-9 (Band 7-9) – that’s 5636 new words on top of the level 6 requirement.

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  1. some of the words looks familiar to me i don’t know if those also included in hsk6 level. can you please make a new pdf with a meaning for each words. really amazing that hsk is getting more comprehensive.

  2. Which words belong to each level (7-8-9)? It’s good to know in order to study according to each level difficulty.

    1. It has over 5000+ words and the table will become so long, so we didn’t create HTML table for this level.

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